19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
At our Ristorante we bring you a little piece of Italy.
+49 30 26050
True italian cuisine

Our daily challenge: highest quality ingredients according to traditional recipes freshly interpreted and served with a lot of passion for the guest! Enjoy fine Mediterranean cuisine and exquisite service. We are very pleased to welcome you as guests in our restaurant.

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Popular menu
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Discover all our perfect dishes, crafted with love! 

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handpicked with love

Daily Our Chief visit the best in area Farmers Market, and choose there fresh and halfy vegets, herbs, meat and other ingridients to ou special dishes.

live cooked Seafood
What our guests say
Marketing Manager

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Tusind tak for mit smukke logo, som er en 100% spot on visualisering af temaet for min livsmission: Kærlighedsscepteret.

Jonniy Sårde
MeloCura & Audiowise

I have worked with Rikke Uldahl from Flying VisionCraft for a number of years where Rikke has delivered Graphic design on several fronts. Rikke has a natural talent for the visual and she manages to impress us again and again and always deliver high-quality solutions with an amazing, emotional, energetic and positive approach. We can most warmly recommend Rikke.

Sophia Puck
Sophia Puck
Midwife & teacher

“Rikke has a unique way of tuning in to what needs to be expressed. I have never experienced being seen so clearly and Rikke has helped me embrace my awesome-ness and stand strong with it! She gently helped expand my energy field in terms of my visual identity and that has changed the flow in my business! Rikke has skills that are rare in the creative world! She creates in connection to so many layers that you really feel seen, loved and supported! “

Michell Leon Stjernberg
Michell Leon
Seer & Entrepreneur

“Rikke Uldahl has a unique ability to combine her insight in other people with a graphical expression, which leads you directly into the fourth dimension. Through her art we get access to our higher self, and I’m completely convinced that using her graphical products as a foundation for our professional activities makes us better human beings”

Peter Avalon
Northstar Leadership Center

“Working with Rikke Uldahl and her company Flying Vision Craft Graphic Design was the best choice I ever made for building my companies branding and logo. Rikke has a unique ability to tune into you as a person and extract your unique graphic essence as a person or for your business. Her ability to connect the dots between your souls image and your human persona is unlike any other person I have ever meet. Rikke has a unique gift and I highly recommend her and her work to anyone who is serious about crating a brand that will leave a legacy.”

Søren Hauge
Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Auther

“Rikke Uldahl is a magical wizard, creating wonders of imagination with her graphical skills. With joy and gratitude I wholeheartedly recommed her and the wonderful creations she makes!”

Sophia Carolina Carena

“I am so gratefull for the beautiful work you have done for me. You have captured my essence with your creations and I must say that it is the first time ever, that I have experienced being “visualized ” 100 % accurately. You have a completely unique gift with your empathy and talent to translate what you see and feel into an ingenious creative expression”

Malou Maluna
Seksuel Healing
Psychotherapist & Tantrahealer


“Just have to promote my amazing designer of both logo and header…. from Flying VisionCraft. Rikke, huge recognition and thanks for all the beauty you create … wow.. you are a goddess with the wildest abilities and channels”.

– Malou Maluna, psychotherapist, Tantrahealer

Emilie Thine Holm
Value & People Academy
Consultant in Organisational Development and executive coach

Flying VisionCraft absolutely nailed it designing a logo and header for my company Value & People Academy. Rikke saw the essence right away and balanced the corporate and human touch perfectly.

Rie Uldahl
Nord Snaps – by Rie Uldahl

Rikke Uldahl has a super developed and detailed understanding, both for the whole and the detail of the project. This gives a refined and sincere approach to being able to target exactly what I needed. She knew exactly which brand and design my company needed to succeed. In addition, Rikke is creative but at the same time targeting, which enables her to solve the extra tasks that often go beyond what you think you need. And it has been a pleasure and I can only recommend her.

Karen Maagaard
Klassisk Kreativt Broderi

I am very happy and deeply grateful for the work Rikke Uldahl has made. Now my brand has a very personal logo and cover picture. Both are graphic fingerprints of my company and the person behind all the embroidery tales. Thank you very much!

Luisa Sofia Chastina Holm
Luisa Chastina

Thank you beauty. I am CRAZY about the logo symbol. Love the light shining from within, I see it is The Golden Planet. It looks wonderfull. You are so skilled! It will lift my universe so much. Thanks a million <3

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