Søren Hauge

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Søren Hauge
Spiritual teacher, Coach, SoulFlow Guide & Author.
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Søren Hauge

Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Auther


“Elvirah Lafay is a magical wizard, creating wonders of imagination with her graphical skills. With joy and gratitude I wholeheartedly recommed her and the wonderful creations she makes!” – Søren Hauge


Søren Hauge has been working as a Spiritual Teacher since 1981. He has a Bachelor in History of Ideas and Philosophy, author of a number of books, and Spiritual Coach with SoulFlow and Energy Psychology. Søren Hauge has worked for 30 years with theosophy and esoteric psychology and has since 2012 been specialising in SoulFlow, SidheWisdom and Energipsychology.

SoulFlow is a healing therapeutic practice, a psychospiritual transformation, and a meditative guided process.

Sidhe is wild spirituality, a partnership with our ancient relatives. And our own inner Sidhe spirit and Elvish power.

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