Visual identities

“Channeling beauty into Graphic Art,
for the power of your manifestation
– Rikke Uldahl

A Visual Graphic Identity is an extension of your logo. Your face to the world.

A Graphic Visual Identity is a trustworthy graphic expression, consisting of graphic elements, hamoniously designed to express your Vision in your own uniqe way. So it will always look cool and consistent. The reason for consistency is for you to shine perfectly through, so that you create trust and authentic communication to the world.

It can consist of multiple components. Tailored to match your needs to communicate with you customers and clients. For example logo, header, selected pictures, picture style, fonts, colors etc.

In the Identities I create, I use items from the logo as a graphic element in The Visual Identity. Thats just one of my special touches.

It can in it’s most bold nature be delivered as a Design Manual.

Design Manual

All big companies use Design Manuals to see to, that their graphic expression is always consistant with their values. It’s a manual of the Visual Identity.

It helps the company and the designer to always control the Visual Graphic expression to the world.



Can consist of:
  • Logo / Motion Graphic of logo
  • Header / Motion Graphic of header
  • Facebook Adds, Stills,  Motion Graphics, Animations ore video
  • Letterhead
  • Businesscard
  • Packaging
  • Motion Graphics / animations / videos
  • Newsletter design
  • Blog header





Snaps by Rie uldahl

Name, Logo, Website, Header, Letterline,
Businesscard, Sign, Add pictures, Signs, Posters…

Personal Development


Name, Logo, Header, Folders, Diplomas


Sophia Carolina Carena

Logo, Header, Website, Adds,
e-book cover

Seer & Entrepreneur

Michell LÉon

Logo, Header

Spiritual Teacher,
Coach & Auther

Søren Hauge

Logos, Header, Newsletter
Headers for 3 Sub-brands

Consulting in Organisational Development &  Coaching

Value & People Academy

Logo, Header

Psychotherapist & Tantrahealer

seksuel healing

Logo, Header

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