Your Vision and essence
captured and manifested in
Digital Art by Flying VisionCraft.

Headers can be used on a lot of platforms, digital as on print. And will create what branding is all about. A recognisable image planted in peoples minds and hearts.

It can be used on:

  • Facebookcover
  • Website Header
  • Blog Header
  • Newsletter Header
  • Poster Header
  • Flyer Header
  • Business cards etc.

I create different kinds of Headers, tailored to each customer. Some with a single picture, some as a collage and some with their portrait incorporated. They vary in expression as they are custom made. Som very personal, some natural and also business expressions. Often combined categories, because more human perspectives are more and more incorporated in businesses.

“Flying VisionCraft absolutely nailed it designing a logo and header for my company Value & People Academy. Elvirah saw the essence right away and balanced the corporate and human touch perfectly.”

– Emilie Thine Holm

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