“My intuitive craft
enables you to manifest
your visions, through artistic
graphic designs!”

Elvirah Lafay

– Owner & Graphic Artist –

“I am Elvirah Morgaia Avelon Lafay and I grew up on the little cliff island Bornholm, in Denmark. Living in my own parallel worlds, of my experiences in nature, my sensitive and intuitive mind and real life. Always feeling a bit out of place, because what I experienced in my inner worlds, and my senses obviously was not common.”

“The way I tuned in on the beauty I saw, combined with the gift of reading people, was my special gift. I still feel that way, but my gift has become a fine tuned artistic craft, that reveals the Visions of others. In ancient times maybe it would have been percieved as witchcraft. But today I call it Flying VisionCraft.”

– Contact me –

Skjalmhvidesgade 8, 1 th / Copenhagen / Denmark

+45 31193801

– A bit of the past –

Prana Magasinet
Co Owner / Art Director

Venoos Graphic Design
Owner / 
Art Director

Animal Healer, Margrit Coates
Be Change Coach
Master of Life Healer

Questionmark, Marketing company
Art Director

Graphic Designer

Pernille Bülow Glas
Glas blower

…and the rest is history !

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